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We provide professional paving and concrete contractor services in Palo Alto and Santa Clara County. We specialize in residential and commercial pavers, stamped concrete, driveways, patios, and more.

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Concrete Contractor Services

We specialize in hardscaping and are highly experienced in concrete, paving, brick, and masonry. View our services below and call us to start a project.

Concrete pavers

From interlocking pavers to poured concrete, we’ll pave any surface for your property.

Stamped concrete

Replicate stone and other textures with stamped concrete, for a nice, professional finish.

Driveway construction

Give your driveway an upgraded look with durable driveway pavers that will last for years.

Patio construction

Make your patio more enjoyable to use with new patio pavers and concrete installation.

Pool decks

Surround your pool with an amazing pool deck design, or paving installation.

Sidewalks and walkways

Build or repair a proper concrete walkway for your property for ease of use and access.

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A High-End Paving Look for Your Home

Driveway Paving

The durability and quality of properly building your driveways is something we take pride in. We know that many homes throughout Palo Alto and the Bay Area have been installed with a poorly done concrete driveway, which is a thin layer of paving that leads to cracks over time.

If you're experiencing this issue at your home’s driveway, then it may be time to hire a professional concrete contractor for a repair or new paving installation. Cracks and uneven slabs are no match for our specialized team. We can fix any concrete paving problem you have, from a small chip in your driveway to sealing, or even new driveway paving altogether.

We know that every home owner has a different taste and preference when it comes to their driveways, which is why our team can create any style you desire. From the traditional grey concrete look all of way up through colorful stamped concrete designs and beautiful pavers; we have the perfect solution for you that will upgrade the look of your home.

The new trend in residential construction these days? Stamped Concrete Driveways: With its unique texture, this type of surface stands apart from others around town and will make your home look elegant and will increase the property value. We can create an endless variety of designs for your concrete driveway. Wondering "where can I find a concrete company near me?"Just give us a call and we’ll determine if we can service your area and give you the best options that will match your budget.

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Stone mason laying done concrete pavers
Patio paver construction
Get New Paving for Your Patio

Patio Pavers

A patio can make any outdoor space more enjoyable and attractive to use. Whether it’s in your front yard, backyard, or side yard, a brand new paved walkway adds a ton of benefits and value to your home and are often paired with artificial turf installation. Our team is the best in our industry to install proper foundations for your patio. Our experienced covers stamped concrete patios, stained concrete, and resurfacing.

If you're looking for reliable, confident, paving contractors to help guide the process of implementing a new concrete patio, working with someone that can guide you through the process is very important. Even if you already have existing pavers installed and simply need repair work done or maintenance, we’ll give you a free on site inspection and will inform you of the process.

Homeowners have patios for different reasons, but in every situation, a patio provides protection from the ground, provides ease of walking access, and provides entertainment value. The phases of patio paving are: choosing the pavers and acquiring other materials and equipment, prepping the groundwork, laying the pavers, and surface finishing.

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Brick and Mortar and Stone work

Masonry and Brickwork

As concrete contractors, we are skilled brick masonry as well, we’ve developed the experience to build proper walls using proper layering, and coupling it with the right mortar for the job. We use only high-quality materials to create beautiful and long lasting structures. Whether residential or commercial masonry brickwork, we have years of experience working on large projects, like decorative retaining walls, and small ones such as backyard fire pits and BBQs.

From layer bricks to adding aesthetics with stone veneer, we are happy to provide this service for indoor and out door applications as well. Stone veneer is another type of home facelift that can add more value and a beautiful appearance to your home.

Compared to concrete, stone materials come in all different shapes and sizes; natural stones can be found either through quarrying or collecting field-sized pieces, and this is referred to as field stone. A lot of customers choose manufactured stone, also known as cultured stone. This is very common because it has cost-saving advantages, it’s easy to install, it’s long lasting, works on curved surfaces, and requires easy maintenance. Give us a call to discuss which stone veneer option will be best for your use.

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Red brick and stone brick stacked in neat piles
Patio chars on top of a stamped concrete patio design
Concrete Flooring and Finishing

Stamped Concrete

As a concrete contractor, stamped concrete could be the perfect material to create stylish and colorful surfaces for your driveways, concrete patios, or walkways. With its rich color palette of blues, browns grayish-greens; it'll be hard not to find what you're looking with this versatile surface.

Stamped concrete has been the hottest choice for adding shade and color to properties all over the Bay Area. Homeowners want more than just their yard space; they're willing trade some of that ground up front for an attractive curb appeal, like pool decks or larger, more elegant driveways.

In addition to concrete pouring, concrete surfaces can now be stamped with patterns, layouts or colors that emulate bricks, stone tiles and even wood! The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you want your finished product's design aesthetic to look like. And not only does stamping concrete provide an affordable alternative, it also requires less maintenance than traditional methods such as tiling, and can be a cheaper option to install. If you have existing concrete, we can help with the concrete removal before a new install.

When you’re ready to hear about the advantages of stamped concrete, we’ll help you figure out which paving or concrete solution will make the most sense.

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What Are Pavers?

A paver is a stone made out of concrete, stone, clay or brick. They vary in size and shape and are commonly used in driveways, walkways, and patios.

Backyard fire pit in the middle of a paved patio

Frequently Asked Questions About Concrete Services

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What is the benefit of stamped concrete?

Concrete contractors like stamped concrete because it's easy to install and requires very little maintenance. It also allows you to easily mimic other textured surfaces, and achieve different colors and designs.

Do pavers make a good driveway?

Concrete pavers make for a great concrete driveway. They are durable, uniform product that often come with a lifetime warranty. Pavers may cost a little more up front, but are significantly more durable than poured concrete.

How much does it cost to pave a patio?

Patio pavers and labor have a wide range of costs, which depends on the project size, the material selection, and the amount of prep work needed. The cost per square foot can be anywhere from $4–$20.

Are pavers or concrete better for pool decking?

Pavers are a better option for pools with wet decks because they are safer. They are not slick and thereby reduce the chances of slipping. They also perform well in all temperatures even after multiple freeze-thaw cycles.

How much does it cost to pave a patio?

Patio pavers and labor have a wide range of costs, which depends on the project size, the material selection, and the amount of prep work needed. The cost per square foot can be anywhere from $4–$20.

What if I need repair?

If you are in need of concrete repair, we will be able to provide that as well. Concrete can be repaired by pouring a new block in place of the damaged area, but the color not match. If that is important to you, in these instances, we often recommend new construction.

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